What is a bottle cap lining machine?

Lining machine

If you are starting a business and need a bottle cap lining machine, then contact us to find the most advanced and specialized technology in capping systems.

With over 40 years in the industry, these capping machines specialize in capping systems for the bottling and canning industry. We offer specialized services to all our distinguished clientele with shipments to more than 30 countries. We also have an official office in Madrid that serves the entire Spanish community with ease and speed.

Depending on your needs and production system, you will find a bottle capping machine that best suits your business. You will be able to choose some of these options that have been designed by top experts who will seek to package your products with precision and care.

The food industry deals not only with solid foods, but also liquids, mixtures and emulsions, from sauces to water and wines. Food safety requirements also involve packaging, because if a contaminant gets into the product, it can harm the end consumer. Ensuring a perfect seal on the bottles containing the food is crucial for the producing company.

  • Operation of capping machines

A cap lining machine for bottles must meet several requirements, the first of which is the ability to handle the bottle format. It must be remembered that this type of containers usually have different sizes. Likewise, they are made in a great variety of materials, although glass or plastics predominate. Also, consider that bottles are usually used to store liquids.

We have excellent solutions for bottle capping. We also have a wide variety of capping heads. It happens that bottles may require a very heterogeneous range of caps. Therefore, our capping machines can be equipped with the most diverse heads. Moreover, they are machines with the ISO 9000 international quality certificate.

  • Types of capping machines

We have different types of capping machines, depending on your needs. They are very versatile equipment because they are used even more than carafes or bottles. 

We guarantee that in our catalog you will find the cap lining machine to put caps on bottles if you have a company of soft drinks, alcoholic beverages or to pack juices or sauces. But also for the chemical industry such as cleaning products from bleach to different disinfectants.

Each bottle capper is specially designed to provide a perfect seal without liquid spillage or leakage. They also adapt to different types of caps or for hermetic closures that require caps with dispenser.